Big Brand Assessment


The first step in determining if you have a recognizable and loved brand is to know that a brand is more than a logo and other 'stuff' that people see.  While the aesthetics are an important piece of any brand platform, it's just the beginning.  You can take this quick online quiz now to get a gauge on WHERE YOU STAND on 10 components of a world-class brandl.   

Whether you want to big brand your company, product, service, non-profit, or even yourself as a personal brand, you must RISE ABOVE everyone-seems-the-same competitors, MAGNIFY your unique advantages, and GET SALES without relying upon HIT-OR-MISS MARKETING or PERSUASIVE SELLING

Take the Big Brand Assessment you see below because this custom assessment takes just 2 minutes out of your day, but what you'll discover from the "Report of Findings" could positively change the trajectory of your business for years to come.

Once your take the assessment, check your inbox for your "Report of Findings" so you can review my recommendations on which steps to take next. My intention is to have you walk away from this Big Brand Assessment with greater clarity on what it takes to have a WORLD-CLASS BRAND and how to finally get consumers to CHOOSE YOU over other alternatives.  And to make sure your present branding (or lack of) is not hurting or hindering your business growth.

Specifically, your Report will reveal:

  1. Where you are strong in your branding and how you can leverage those strengths.
  2. Where you need to amp up your branding or consider out-sourcing.
  3. The branding areas to focus on for bigger impact, greater profits, and the fulfillment you desire.