Big Brand Assessment

Attention Small Business Owners ... take this 2 Minute Quiz to discover how to ramp up the growth of your business and impact more people by making sure you have a high performance brand that EXCITES your market, DELIGHTS customers, and IGNITES purchases.

After completing the Big Brand Assessment below you will receive a “Report of Findings” that could postively change the trajectory of your business for a lifetime!

KEY POINT: You may also be eligible for a complimentary Brandstorming Session with Gerry Foster by phone to get big branding insights that reveal:

  1. Where you are strong in your branding and how you can leverage those strengths.
  2. Where you need to amp up your branding or consider out-sourcing.
  3. Specific next steps you can take to have bigger impact, greater profits, and the fulfillment you desire.

Once you take the Big Brand Assessment, check your inbox right away to review your "Report of Findings."  Our intention is to make sure your present branding (or lack of) is not hurting or hindering the growth of your business.  You will walk away from this Assessment with greater clarity and a deep feeling of inspiration on how to truly separate yourself from the pack and accelerate your success.

0 = I have not addressed this at all
4 = I have given this some attention
7 = I am doing this but know I could improve upon it
10 = I have totally nailed this.

I. Brand Purpose

1. I have a written vision statement that declares how my brand will positively impact the world.

2. I communicate the unique value I offer in a concisely stated written mission statement that fulfills my vision.

3. I am crystal clear on what my calling is and how it is connected to my brand purpose.

4. I use my mission statement as a marketing tool to help close sales.

5. I have verbal reminders of my brand purpose such as affirmations or daily readings.

II. Differentiation

1. I have a product or service that is unrivaled, meaningfully beneficial, and distinctively different.

2. I have identified a ‘performance gap’ between competing products or services I can close.

3. I use the unique advantages that ‘me only’ can deliver.

4. I have a ‘secret sauce’ that further distinguishes what I do better than anyone else.

5. I project an aura of uniqueness and superiority.

III. Target Market

1. I have identified who is most likely to purchase my brand, my ideal customer.

2. I have pinpointed where they are located.

3. I know what kind of message will motivate them to buy.

4. I have identified how they can best be reached both online and offline.

5. I use what they want from a product or service like mine in a brief and compelling way.

IV. Image

1. I have a logo that fully expresses what I want my business to represent.

2. I use descriptive words and adjectives to evoke the appropriate emotional responses.

3. I am confident that my logo resonates with my target audience.

4. My website communicates the right message about my business.

5. I use the best colors in all my ‘visuals’ to make my business distinctive.

V. Your Messaging

1. I make a “performance claim” that hasn’t been made in my industry.

2. I have a brand message that effectively communicates my superiority.

3. I use a knock-your-socks-off, irresistible brand promise.

4. My brand name automatically conveys my brand promise.

5. I have a catchy tagline.

VI. Your Commitment Level (0 = not very committed, 10 = I am very committed!)

1. I am ready and willing to discover exactly what’s been holding me back from having a lucrative, thriving brand.

2. If eligible, I highly value the offer of a complimentary Big Brand Brainstorm session and am ready to schedule one soon.

3. I’m motivated to invest in Big Branding my business to experience greater results.

4. I’m open to discuss my future income goals and plans to achieve them.

5. I’m open to discover why my own beliefs about branding may be holding me back.

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